English: typified by, fond of
Bundjalung: -gali
Part of Speech: suffix
Related Words:
With same English translation:  
Category: people
Comment: Noun suffix, adjective suffix. On adjectives; can occur with all nouns other than personal names, place names, and pronouns Gd; gender suffix, usually masc (Gd).
South West: Cas:Smy - gali ; Wa:Crowl;
Condamine Upper Clarence: Gd:Geyt

Bundjalung : dubaygali (from Wa:Crow)

English: 'woman-mad' (of men)


Bundjalung : jehrgali (from Wa:Crow)

English: 'particularly big'


Bundjalung : ngurahmgali (from Wa:Crow)

English: 'sleepy'


Bundjalung : wadjigali (from Wa:Crow)

English: 'talkative'


Bundjalung : nanganygali (from G)

English: 'one fond of food'

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