English: big, large
Bundjalung: gamay
Part of Speech: adjective
Related Words:
With same English translation:   gamay   jeyir, jehr  
Comment: Also ???thick??? in some sources. Generally not used in Wi; gamay, masc.? gamaygali, fem gamaygan, gamaygaligan, Ga:Turnbl: gamay-bin big (masc), gamaynyagan big (fem), gamina big (tree), gamaygay (neut); Bj:TMcD:Morgn lists as 'too many'; M:Sc also lists gamaydjang mibiny gamay 'men' (Ng:Curr:Tweed:Bray).
Gold Coast Tweed: M:Liv kumai, kumai-bin (m), kumai-ma-gun (f), kuminna or kumai-nyon (spears, canoes, logs); M:Sc:Brunswk cobawnor kumajong big; Ng:Curr:Tweed:Bray kommi big; Ng:Sc:Mur cumiboollarge hill, gumibool high mountain; cumi native companion; Ny:Sc:Cudgn komi-yeragah storm ;
Lower Richmond: Bj:TMcD:Morgn gamay too many;
Condamine Upper Clarence: Ga:Sha:Turnbl gamay(gali(gan);

Bundjalung : gamay buyuhl (from Ng:Sc:Mu)

English: 'high mountain, high hill'

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