English: river, creek, Milky Way
Bundjalung: balun
Part of Speech: noun
Related Words:
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Category: natural_environment
Comment: Plural balun-gali; in We, locative suffix vowel can vary to /i/: balunda/balundi 'in the river'; possibly balin/baluny in Cop; Y:Sha:Culhm; reduplicated balun-baluhn (Y:Allen); also 'waterhole' in Y:Hanln; cf the Balonne River, Queensland (Holmer).
Gold Coast Tweed: M:Liv ballun river, balunma into the river; Ng:Sc:Cudgn3/1903 balon river; Ng:Sc:Mur:Martn bolloon; Ng:Sc:TweedR:Bray bullum; Ng:Sc:Mur:Martn barloam lake; Ng:Sc:Mur4/1903 balun river
Lower Richmond: Bj:Sha:Turnbl balun; Bj:TMcD:Cowl balun; Bj:Holm-Fergn, Turnbl balun; Bj:Sc:Coraki4 ballum river; Bj:Sc:Coraki baloon river; Bj:Sc:Coraki4 baloon gully
South West: Wa:Crowl river, Milky Way; We:Gordn river; Cas:Smy balun river; Wu:Calley ba:lun river ;
Condamine Upper Clarence: Gd:Geyt river, creek; Gd:Sc:JThomas UClarnce bal-loon creek, chunim river, balloon tarrim day creek
Copmanhurst: Cop:Hargrv ballin

Bundjalung : Yehni mala balunbu. (from Wa:Crow)

English: 'It went along the river.'


Bundjalung : Madji bagara ngihrgila yehna balunda. (from Wa:Crow)

English: 'Sit down over there on the river bank.'

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