English: many, plenty, all
Bundjalung: mabehr
Part of Speech: adjective
Related Words:
With same English translation:   gumbi  
Comment: Calley forms take gender suffiixes: m mabehrgali, f mabehnagan, arb mabehr, Gd:Calley gives mabehrbu as 'they'.
Lower Richmond: Ny:Sha:DCook mabeh; Bj:Holm:Fergn mabir
South West: Wa:Crowl; Cas:Smy mabe:r ;
Condamine Upper Clarence: Gd:Calley mabe:r, m?berbu? (glottal) they ;

Bundjalung : gunah mabehr yehn.gandu gadji burigaliya guriyabu. (from W)

English: 'These all used to live at Pretty Gully a long time ago.'


Bundjalung : Nyahla mabehru nyulangi (from Ca)

English: 'All see him.'


Bundjalung : Gala garbeh mabehr-djalum. (from Ca)

English: 'There are plenty of fish in this creek.'


Bundjalung : Dandaygam mabehr-nangany. (from Ca)

English: 'the old man has plenty of food.'


Bundjalung : Gahnyu mabehr bundahng dubay. (from Ca)

English: 'There are a lot of women about here.'

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