English: Mudgeeraba
Bundjalung: madjirbah, madjarbah
Part of Speech: place name
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Category: location
Comment: Geographically it is (or was) a boggy place, and it was reputed to be a place of a historical massacre (Y:Kombum:YBest). Children were told not to go there (Y:Kombum:YBest). Two meanings given: 'place of child's shit or diarrhoea', or Y:Allen; 'lying ground' (Y:Allen, GC:Nerang:police, GC:Talleb:police, GC:Nerang:Sc), 'place where somene told lies', Hanlon says place where someone told lies and states 'probably an historic tarradiddle' - he could not find its origin, however its bogginess
Gold Coast Tweed: Y:Holm:Jackie madjar liar , madjar(i)ba name of a place (Jackie); Y:Allen Mudgeriba place of infants' excrement; GC:Nerang:police , GC:Talleb:Sc , GC:Talleb:police mudgeraba lying ground , GC:Nerang:Sc mudjuraba lying ground; Y:Hanln locnm Mudgeerabah

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