English: a large boomerang (Tw:Bray:Sc)
Bundjalung: barung(bah)
Part of Speech: noun
Related Words:
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Category: artifact
Comment: Probably place name Burringbah, place of baring, the non-returning boomerang (barung attested from Gd and Wa for non-returning boomerang, the killer boomerang); Mur:AndFr notes extension of meaning to name the number 7. MRs10 states 'Burringbar (long boomerang, from Burring, a long boomerang for hitting with, like a sword)'.
Gold Coast Tweed: Mur:AndFr burrungbah an implement of war, Tw:Bray:Sc burringbah a large boomerang; Mur:Sc10 Burringbar long boomerang

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