English: young (of any animal), baby, calf, pup
Bundjalung: nyamul
Part of Speech: noun
Related Words:
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Category: animal
Comment: Includes joey in pouch, any young animal; Watson's forms suggests nyamal; Hanlon has nyamal/jahdjam gayribini 'birth', probably 'born' (past tense).
Gold Coast Tweed: Y:Holm:Munro baby; Y:Allen nyamul young (of any animal) , young , baby, baby kangaroo; Y:Watsn nya'mul , kangaroo in pouch , any very young animal nya'mul; GC:Nerang:Sc numil young; GC:Nerang:police nuwi! young (prob. misreading); Y:Hanln nyamul (or tcharjoom) kairibinee 'birth' ;
Lower Richmond: Bj:Holm:Fergn nyamul
South West: Cas:Smy njamul ;

Bundjalung : nyamul jimbang (from Ca)

English: 'lamb'

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