English: out of way, behind, outside, back, rear
Bundjalung: buram
Part of Speech: locative
Related Words:
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Category: location
Comment: Must take same case marking as the noun it qualifies Wa; 'rear, back of object' Gd; same in Gn dialect (Warwick area); buram(bih) in Y:Sha:Culhm probably shows past tense locative case, cf buramba in Gn locative.
Gold Coast Tweed: Y:Sha:Culhm buram; Y:Allen burum; Y:Watsn bu'rum
South West: Wa:Crowl ; Cas:Smy buram(ba) ;
Condamine Upper Clarence: Gd:Geyt; Gn:Mathew buramba outside (prob. has loc case (Sharpe) ;

Bundjalung : Buramu jalingu (from W)

English: 'from behind the tree'


Bundjalung : Ganngah manyihni yarbilehla bagarah burambah nguhmbinydjah. (from W)

English: 'Listen to those singing behind the house out there (and who I haven't seen yet).'

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