English: poison bitter
Bundjalung: digireh, digir-an.ga-, digirinyihny
Part of Speech: noun,verb
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Comment: tiggerenyeen - the terminal -nyeen implies a harmful or lethal quality added to the bitter, hence Tiggerenyeen - used for such poisons as strychnine, arsenic, etc. Y:Hanln).
Gold Coast Tweed: Y:Allen n diggerei, v pr diggerei, p diggeren, pf diggerangan, f diggerangala; Y:Watsn dig'gere poison n; v dig'gere; dig'geren; dig'gerangan; dig'gerangaIa; Y:Watsn dig'eriyin' poison (n and v); Y:Hanln tiggeree, tiggerenyeen poisons such as strychnine, arsen ic etc.

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