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Word List

Bundjalung English Category Dialect
-wula also ; too Middle Clarence [more]
wubi deaf body_part Lower Richmond [more]
wubihn, wubin clever (expert) Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wubihnyma- eat, make ; feed food Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wubil, gubil beautiful ; pretty Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wubin + -an.ga- able, be Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wubin-wubin self-conceited person people Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wudj-wudj Pied Butcherbird ; Grey Butcherbird ; Butcherbird, Pied ; Butcherbird, Grey bird Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wudjah you (singular), for ; for you (singular) Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wudjamahmbura bangalow stick plant Copmanhurs [more]
wudjang grass ; generic grass (Gd) ; grass (generic) (Gd) plant Gold Coast Tweed, Lower Richmond, Middle Clarence, Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wudjarbiny flower plant Lower Richmond [more]
wudje(h), wudjeh cedar, red ; red cedar plant Gold Coast Tweed, Lower Richmond [more]
wudjebah ground where cedars grow natural_environment Gold Coast Tweed, Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wudjebal Wudjebal dialect language Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wudjeh you (singular, intransitive subject) Middle Clarence [more]
wudjehbal dialect spoken to the south-west of Wahlubal at Tabulam language Middle Clarence [more]
wudjimbiny groin body_part Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wudjir(bu) dawn ; (first) daylight ; daylight (first) time Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wudjir, wudjirah(bu) daylight ; dawn time Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wudjuhn wicked language Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wudjur(u) tea-tree plant Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wudjurbuny thief people Lower Richmond [more]
wudwud butcherbird bird Middle Clarence [more]
wuginy, guginy fast Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wuginyah hurry up ; quick, be Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wuh, uh or Middle Clarence [more]
wuhba- tell ; order ; command language Middle Clarence [more]
wuhbi deaf senses Middle Clarence, Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wuhbi- lose ; forget ; conceal ; concealed, cause to be Middle Clarence, Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wuhbili- forget senses Middle Clarence [more]
wuhbilima- lose Middle Clarence [more]
wuhdjil kangaroo animal Middle Clarence [more]
wuhlilwen- satisfied, be (of hunger) body_part Middle Clarence [more]
wuhm baby people Middle Clarence [more]
wuhng (?), wahgun, wuhgan cockle natural_environment Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wuhngma- argument, try to pick an ; nag at someone Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wuhny-, wuhny ba- whistle Middle Clarence [more]
wuhnybal whistling Middle Clarence [more]
wuhrba- hide ; cover Middle Clarence, Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wuhrbay death ; dead Copmanhurs [more]
wuhrbe jungle plant Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wuhrbinygany, wuhrbunygan curlew bird Middle Clarence, Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wuhrgambay snipe bird Copmanhurs [more]
wuhru neck body_part Middle Clarence [more]
wula- give Gold Coast Tweed, Lower Richmond, Middle Clarence, Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wula-wula- share around Middle Clarence [more]
wulah talk language Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wulalbu lots of ; plenty Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wulambila sole (fish) fish Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wulambiny Mt Warning location Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wulang leaf plant All [more]
wulangga- expect Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wulanybil thorn plant Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wulari pigeons, flock of bird Copmanhurs [more]
wularu shade ; shadow plant Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wulba(h)-, wulwa- hang ; suspend Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wulba- choke body_part Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wulba- hit (?) ; kill(?) Lower Richmond [more]
wulbang woman, young ; young woman people Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wulbang, jalgany woman, Aboriginal people Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wulbang, wulbanggan girl ; woman, young people Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wulbaw young Copmanhurs [more]
wulbi- noise, make Middle Clarence [more]
wulbili- whistle Middle Clarence [more]
wulbuh crane, grey ; heron, lead-coloured ; crane, blue bird Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wulbumbi- whistle Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wulbung girl, teenage ; teenage girl people Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wule at all ; somewhat ; rather Middle Clarence [more]
wulgalar elopement Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wulgumbili- whistle Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wulima- find ; obtain Middle Clarence, Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wulima- find (after looking) Middle Clarence [more]
wulu ankle ; foot of tree ; tree trunk ; butt (of tree) body_part Gold Coast Tweed, Middle Clarence, Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wulugali parrot, Lowri ; Lowri parrot bird Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wululuny pigeon species ; pigeon, wonga ; pigeon ; dove bird Gold Coast Tweed, Lower Richmond, Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wulun out there location Middle Clarence [more]
wulungar rock, large ; rocks (?) natural_environment Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wulungga in front location Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wuluwah rail, saltwater ; saltwater rail bird Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wulwah- hang Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wumar spear thrower artifact Gold Coast Tweed, Lower Richmond [more]
wumbar stick (stub on tree) plant Lower Richmond [more]
wumbeh- ride ; sex (have) body_part Gold Coast Tweed, Middle Clarence [more]
wumbin pigeon, wonga ; wonga pigeon bird Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wumbur gall ; lump on trunk or bough of tree plant Middle Clarence, Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wumbur-wumbuhr gall on leaf, tiny plant Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wumginy + -an.ga- come Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wuna- leave ; stop Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wunah don't Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wunang slow ; slowly Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wunda where location Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wunda- wait Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wundal bowl made from cork tree or bat tree artifact Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wundjigal where from location Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wundjigu where to location Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wungah your (singular) ; yours (singular) Gold Coast Tweed, Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wungahn lame body_part Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wungan over ; around ; about location Gold Coast Tweed, Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wungan jari- (wungandjari-) turn oneself over ; fall over ; capsize ; turn around Gold Coast Tweed, Middle Clarence, Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wungan-wungan round about ; crooked ways ; astray location Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wungan.ginggi- turn round Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wunganbin- go over ; cross over Middle Clarence [more]
wungandjarima- upset ; overthrow Middle Clarence [more]
wunganwahr other side ; opposite side ; far side ; around location Middle Clarence [more]
wungaw whirlwind natural_environment Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wungaw(?) fish hawk bird Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wungumbil, wungumbili- whistle Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wungung (?) clay (?) natural_environment Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wungunga-, wunggun.ga- etc. whistle Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wungyuryum, wunyuhryam star natural_environment Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wunyba snake, black ; black snake reptile Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wunyba- suck Middle Clarence [more]
wura- steal Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wurahm asleep ; sleeping Middle Clarence [more]
wurahng leaf ; tea ; tea leaves food Middle Clarence, Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wuran.gir Casuarina ; she-oak plant Lower Richmond [more]
wurang, wulang, wurahng/wuhrang leaf plant Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wuranggari (?) creek, fresh water ; creek crossing (fresh water) ; fresh water crossing natural_environment Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wurba- hide oneself Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wurba-/gurba- hide Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wurbali- hide Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wurga-, wura- steal Gold Coast Tweed, Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wurgan pigeon, wonga bird Copmanhurs [more]
wurgay thief people Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wurgilay, wurgili brolga bird Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wurguluhm Magpie ; Magpie, Black-backed ; Magpie, White-backed bird Middle Clarence, Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wuri-, wurinda- hurry Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wuril-wuril Wooril Wooril location Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wurinda (?) quick Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wuru neck body_part Middle Clarence, Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wuruhng peep ; craning of neck Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wuruhraban man's personal name ; personal name, man's people Lower Richmond [more]
wurwil flea ; fleas insect Copmanhurs [more]
wuyan clever in supernatural matters language Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wuyan-gali clever-man ; doctor people Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wuyang male's brother-in-law people Middle Clarence, Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wuyi hair, pubic ; pubic hair body_part Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wuyi-wuyi, wuwi-wuwi reckless people Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wuyirga- steal Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wuyun cleverman people All [more]
wuyung, wiyung, wuyun clever (person) ; cleverman people Gold Coast Tweed, Lower Richmond [more]
wuyuny, wuyun.gir clever, primarily clever in occult ways language Lower Richmond [more]
wuyurgah- steal Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wuyuy guilty look ; embarrassed look Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
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