Jinggiwahla, Bugalbeh and Jinggeri

Muurrbay has been supporting Bundjalung communities to revitalise their language for some time. Community members often state that they want to be able to hear the language not just read it in a book. This site was set up in response to enable all Bundjalung-Yugambeh people to learn about and listen to their language. In the future we will be adding more sound files so you can hear how words are pronounced. Much of this information was brought together in a Bundjalung to English dictionary, Muurrbay arranged for this to be converted into an electronic (Toolbox) database. The database is the basis of this online resource.

Please Note: There are protocols in place about who is able to teach Bundjalung in schools and other contexts. If you plan to teach language, please ensure you are familiar with local protocols. The Language Nest teacher in your area should be able to help you with this.

The Elders had great foresight in recording their language for the generations to follow. This knowledge was passed on for interested people to use. Their recordings have made this resource possible. We would like to acknowledge the following Elders: Aunty Mary Cowlan, Uncle Harry Cook, Uncle Douglas Cook, Aunty Lucy Daley, Uncle Dick Donnelly, Aunty Evelyn Ferguson, Aunty Janet Gomes, Aunty Ethel Gordon, Uncle Kenneth Gordon, Uncle Leo Mercy, Uncle Jim Morgan, Uncle Stan Roach, Uncle Tim Rhodes, Pastor Frank Roberts, Uncle Lyle Roberts, Uncle Cecil Taylor, Uncle William Turnbull, Uncle Eric Walker and Aunty Una Walker, Aunty Ethel Walker, Uncle Gordon Williams, Uncle Stan Williams, Uncle Ray Robinson and Aunty Dot Webb. Some Elders' names may not appear here, please contact us if you would like them to be included.

Today's Elders also have a valuable contribution to make, particularly Uncle Charles Moran and Poppy Harry Walker. 

The Bundjalung – Yugambeh speakers were recorded by various researchers, and word lists have been collected and written down by many people. Researchers include:  Terry Crowley, John Gordon, Margaret Gummow, Nils Holmer, Brian and Helen Geytenbeek, Marjery Henderson, Gerhardt Laves, Marjorie Oakes, Margaret Sharpe, W.E. Smythe, John Sommerlad and Stephen Wurm.

Muurrbay staff and consultants involved in this project include: Uncle Gary Williams, Terrie Lowe, Cat Kutay, Margaret Sharpe, April Mills-Thom and Anna Ash.

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