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These sentences are from Wahlubal/Western Bandjalang ( Crowley:1978).

Ngay waymalehla nganyahya nguyaya.
I am speaking my own language.

Nyarram mala behn gudjahrra.
The frilled-neck lizard fell into a hole.

Wanah yirrali-ngahyumah.
Don’t (speak in) English.

Mala baygal djehrr.
That man is big.

Djununu wudja yang giwani.
Where have you come from?

Maliyu dandaygambu yarbini.
That man sang (a song).

Mala bin-gihng birrah waybarra mala waganyngula.
Throw that turtle onto the fire, and that catfish too!

Yuh ngali yanah buyan gala djahnanah.
Let’s go later when the wind stops.


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