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Muurrbay plans to conduct workshops around Bundjalung-Yugambeh country to help people use this online dictionary. It is a work in progress so your feedback is important to us. Please read the instructions by following the "more" button below.

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Word List

Bundjalung English Category Dialect
yu exclamation ; warning of sudden danger ; danger (sudden), warning of Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
yubahn swamp reed ; reed, swamp- plant Gold Coast Tweed [more]
yuban, yubany dead Lower Richmond [more]
yubanwen- die Middle Clarence [more]
yubay personal name people Lower Richmond [more]
yudji- move oneself Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
yugalbinygan wife people Gold Coast Tweed [more]
yugam don't know Lower Richmond [more]
yugam garal few (not many) Gold Coast Tweed [more]
yugam yarany beardless body_part Gold Coast Tweed [more]
yugam, yagam, jugam, yugam(beh) no ; not Gold Coast Tweed, Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
yugam, yugambe no ; not Gold Coast Tweed, Lower Richmond [more]
yugam, yugum no Middle Clarence, Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
yugambeh no language Middle Clarence, Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
yugari shell fish All [more]
yugaw disappearing insect Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
yugay swamp fern, root of ; root of swamp fern plant Gold Coast Tweed [more]
yugi- burn ; burnt, get ; burning, be Middle Clarence [more]
yugima- shove Gold Coast Tweed [more]
yugir mussel ; pipis ; ugarie ; eugarie fish Gold Coast Tweed [more]
yugira- move away Gold Coast Tweed [more]
yugirbah Ukerabagh (nature reserve) location Gold Coast Tweed [more]
yugul paper wasp nest ; nest, paper wasp insect Gold Coast Tweed [more]
yugumbe no ; none Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
yugumbeh Yugumbeh dialect language Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
yugumbi no (Gn) Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
yuguwa-, yuguwi- finish Lower Richmond [more]
yuh soon ; later ; later on ; by and by time Gold Coast Tweed, Middle Clarence, Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
yuhban dead time Lower Richmond [more]
yuhdji- move away Middle Clarence [more]
yuhgur soon ; by-and-by ; later time Lower Richmond [more]
yuhgurga- wait ; await Middle Clarence [more]
yuhlu fragrance food Middle Clarence [more]
yuhn where location Middle Clarence [more]
yuhnggan emmets insect Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
yuhnggun cod fish Middle Clarence [more]
yuhnungbihny antbed insect Middle Clarence [more]
yulahny skin, human ; human skin body_part Middle Clarence [more]
yulamang they plant Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
yulan(?) sap plant Gold Coast Tweed [more]
yulany bura- skin an animal ; joke about ; ridicule animal Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
yulanyma-, yalanyma- kiss Gold Coast Tweed [more]
yulgul canoe ; boat artifact Middle Clarence [more]
yuluhmany kidney body_part Middle Clarence, Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
yumbir ma- tell the truth Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
yun.gum midjin you scoundrel! Gold Coast Tweed [more]
yuna- lie down ; sleep ; camp ; stay Gold Coast Tweed, Lower Richmond, Middle Clarence [more]
yuna-ngurahm sleep ; lie asleep body_part Middle Clarence [more]
yunama- make lie down ; put down ; put, to ; place, to Lower Richmond, Middle Clarence [more]
yunamandi- leave behind Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
yunbar fly insect Middle Clarence [more]
yundahr ma- lengthen ; spin out language Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
yung bark (of dog, dingo) animal Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
yung ba- bark ; yelp animal Middle Clarence, Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
yunga- make Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
yungan hiccup, a ; belch, a body_part Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
yungan, yun.gan dugong fish Gold Coast Tweed [more]
yungar (?) pelican bird Copmanhurs [more]
yungbal yelp, a ; bark, a animal Middle Clarence [more]
yunggahn cod fish Lower Richmond [more]
yuragahr bowels body_part Copmanhurs [more]
yurahr wings ; winged Gold Coast Tweed [more]
yuramgan, yuran.gan baby people Gold Coast Tweed [more]
yuranggay five Copmanhurs [more]
yurbul cousin people Gold Coast Tweed [more]
yurginy dingo ; dog, wild animal Gold Coast Tweed, Lower Richmond, Middle Clarence, Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
yuri meat food Gold Coast Tweed [more]
yurihn.gali catfish fish Gold Coast Tweed, Lower Richmond [more]
yuriyi- (?) hot ; heat Middle Clarence [more]
yuriyili- go alone Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
yuriyilima- interrupt Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
yuru good ; nice ; pleasant ; beautiful Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
yuru-gali ugly man people Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
yuruhl eel fish Lower Richmond [more]
yurunggil wrong Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
yuruni- do separately Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
yuruwa- go away Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
yuwa- give Middle Clarence [more]
yuwahn kind ; good-natured Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
yuwahr corroboree ; corroboree song language Gold Coast Tweed [more]
yuwang body body_part Gold Coast Tweed [more]
yuway, yawu, yaw, yaway yes Gold Coast Tweed [more]
yuweh yes ; certainly ; of course Middle Clarence [more]
yuwiny, yuwihngbil Mahogany, White plant Gold Coast Tweed, Middle Clarence, Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
yuwung wail, a Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
yuybandi- move ; shift ; change residence Middle Clarence [more]
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