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Muurrbay plans to conduct workshops around Bundjalung-Yugambeh country to help people use this online dictionary. It is a work in progress so your feedback is important to us. Please read the instructions by following the "more" button below.

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Word List

Bundjalung English Category Dialect
widal grass plant Gold Coast Tweed [more]
widjabal Widjabal language Lower Richmond [more]
widjagang yellow colour Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
widjam hot ; heat ; summer time Copmanhurs [more]
widjang, wudjang, yihdjang grass plant Middle Clarence, Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
widjanggam, wiyanggam long grass ; grass, long plant Gold Coast Tweed [more]
widjilima- whistle Lower Richmond [more]
widjir Ettrick clan name people Lower Richmond [more]
wigah- send in pursuit of Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wihl cinders food Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wihlu you (singular, transitive subject) Middle Clarence [more]
wihn juhm bird species ('? smoke') bird Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wihnyi you (singular object, accusative) Middle Clarence [more]
wihya you (nominative) Lower Richmond [more]
wihya Lismore clan name people Lower Richmond [more]
wihya- say ; tell ; speak (to) ; talk (to) language Middle Clarence [more]
wihyabal Wiyabal (people or dialect) people Middle Clarence [more]
wihyang, wadjung(gan), wayun(g) mother-in-law people Middle Clarence [more]
wilahr big Copmanhurs [more]
wilahr nyugambil big toe ; toe, big body_part Copmanhurs [more]
wilarimbam stars natural_environment Copmanhurs [more]
wilgulga apple tree, wild ; Woolgoolga plant Middle Clarence [more]
wilima- find out Lower Richmond [more]
winday sea beach natural_environment Gold Coast Tweed [more]
windja reply if a person is asked to do anything against his will Gold Coast Tweed [more]
windji (winydji), yindji (yinydji) somewhere ; where? location Gold Coast Tweed [more]
windjigahl, yindjigahl (nydj) where after time Gold Coast Tweed [more]
windjigan when time Gold Coast Tweed [more]
windjigu where (to) Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wing, guwin possum, ringtail ; ringtail possum animal Gold Coast Tweed [more]
winwin oak, white ; white oak plant Gold Coast Tweed [more]
winyam crab, sand ; sand crab fish Gold Coast Tweed [more]
winyarga blanket artifact Middle Clarence [more]
winygung ba- whistle Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
winygungbay whistle, a ; whistling Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wiranggiruh, wayrangiruh Murwillumbah clan people Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wirgah- steal Middle Clarence, Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wirgah- (wihrgah- ?) steal Middle Clarence [more]
wirwir flea insect Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wiya you (nominative) Lower Richmond [more]
wiya bureh, mudjuny (?) spider, trapdoor ; trapdoor spider insect Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wiya ngering (bulayli(gan)) you two Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wiya-, windji- give (to) Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wiyabal Wiyabal dialect language Middle Clarence, Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wiyan clever in supernatural matters language Middle Clarence, Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wiyang relation-in-law term people Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wiyang wife's brother people Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wiyang, jambang, yamburu relation-in-law people Gold Coast Tweed [more]
wiyanggam long grass plant All [more]
wiyeh you (singular, intransitive subject) Middle Clarence [more]
wiyun oriel (bird) bird Condamine Upper Clarence [more]
wiyung clever man ; medicine man ; witch doctor language Middle Clarence [more]
wiyung, wuyung, wuyun clever (person) people Gold Coast Tweed [more]
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