English: snake
Bundjalung: gabul
Part of Speech: noun
Related Words:
With same English translation:   badjahr   bagal   bagar, bagur?   bagul   dalil, delil   danar   dirany   diruny   gabul   gabul, gabul-gabul   gamban-gambahn   gamba(h)n-gambahn   ganggalur (?)   gangguy   garalbay   gumgaye   gunggay   gungguyay   gurahr   jabuhng   jiyumgang   jugal   juhm-guwang   jumgung, jumgum, jumgu (?)   juwir   juwir gamban-gambahn   man.gan   man.gan, man.gany   mibaralany   mih baralany   ngandam (?)   ngihriny   nginduny, ngindunybah   nguhnyba   nguhnyba   nyiring, yirany   waralba   wunyba   yamba   yaring   yihrany, nyiring   yiran   yirany, yurany   yiriny  
Category: reptile
Comment: 'Carpet snake' in other dialects; probably carpet snake here.
South West: Cas:Smy gabul

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