English: this (one), here
Bundjalung: gala, gale (Bj), gali (M, Ng), gagali, gale, etc. (M), galaba (Wi) [Hover over to listen]
Part of Speech: demonstrative
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Comment: Predicate form gali, gagali, gagay/gage, gale, gagale (?; can take past tense suffix) (M:Liv); erg. galahyu, acc. galahni, possibly galahna.
Gold Coast Tweed: M:Liv kully, - (m), mulla-na-gun (f), (n), konno (arb)(?); here ku?lly, ku-kully, kuullai, kuo-kullai; ku?kulliyen was here; Ng:Curr:Tweed:Bray kulle ;
Lower Richmond: Bj:Sha:Turnbl gala/gale this, here; Bj:TMcD:Morgn galaba here, galahni this one, gala this; Bj:Holm gala; Bj:Holm gali a masculine adjective;

Bundjalung : Galahyu wulbani nganyi bumani. (from Bj:Turnb)

English: 'He hit me.'


Bundjalung : Bumah galahni. (from Bj:Turnb)

English: 'Hit him!'


Bundjalung : Gala nyula. (from Bj Hol)

English: 'Here he is.'


Bundjalung : Gala jananggan. (from Bj Hol)

English: 'Here is the boy.'


Bundjalung : Gala yehn.galah. (from Bj Hol)

English: 'We are sitting here.'

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