English: honey of large bee
Bundjalung: gudje(h), gudja
Part of Speech: noun
Related Words:
With same English translation:   gudja  
Category: food
Comment: Y:Allen and Y:Watsn list gaba as 'honey of small bee', gudjeh as 'honey of large bee'; cf. gudji, gudjir. Gudjir is possibly the older form, which has lost final r. GC:Coomera:Sc lists as bee's nest, and GC:Coomera:police form suggests guya.
Gold Coast Tweed: Ydict kudhe(h), kudha; Y:Sha:Culhm guja; Y:Allen kujei honey (from big bee); Y:Watsn gaba honey of small bee, gudhe honey of large bee; GC:Meston cooja honey; GC:Coomera:Sc koofa bee's nest; GC:Coomera:police kooya bee's nest; GC:Nerang:Curr:Fowlr kudja honey; Y:Hanln honey goodja, goodjeer small native bee

Bundjalung : Gudjanguhrgan. (from Y:Sha:Culh)

English: '(The tree had) honey in it.'

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