English: be, become
Bundjalung: -an.ga-, -angga-
Part of Speech: verb intransitive
Related Words:
With same English translation:   wan-, wana-, wara-   werwa-  
Comment: -wehn imperfect aspect, often where English would use past tense; suffixable to nouns and adjectives etc. to make verb. Occasionally found as wana-/wan.ga-, from which -an.ga- is derived. Past tense -wehn.
Gold Coast Tweed: Y:Sha:Culhm; Y:Holm; M:Liv

Bundjalung : Ngulungmay waring-an.gahla. (from Y:Sh)

English: 'It's getting cold./It will get cool.'


Bundjalung : Gumbinywehn nyula. (from Y:Hol)

English: 'That was the end of him.'


Bundjalung : Jangan.gehn gidjung. (from Y:Sh)

English: 'The old man is no good.'

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