English: hole
Bundjalung: gugahr
Part of Speech: noun
Related Words: guyiyar   gubung  
With same English translation:   birany   buyin   gabun   gahwang   gali   gargin   gawang   gayiwang   gubung   gubunggah (gung-gubunggah), gung-gubung   gubung-gubuhng   gudjahr   guhnginy   guhrwin   gulih   guluy   guluy, guluny   gumbih(bu)   guwigir   guwihgar   guwihgarma-   guwiyar, gugahr, guwiyugahr   guwiyugahr, guyiyahr, gugahr   guygahr   jarang   migany   muyuma-   nguh  
Category: natural_environment
Comment: see also guyiyar, gubung.
Gold Coast Tweed: Ydict kugahr; Y:Holm:Logn gugar; Y:Hanln koogahra

Bundjalung : bayani gugarnu (from Y:Holm:Log)

English: 'came out of the hole'

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