English: faeces, shit
Bundjalung: gunang
Part of Speech: noun
Related Words:
With same English translation:   bindji, binydji   duru, juru   guna   jun.gul  
Category: body_part
Comment: note gundang form in Y:Hanln, and Y:Hanln suggesting a stop onset to /n/; a word juru or duru is also listed; cf. gunyim, gunyum 'anus'.
Gold Coast Tweed: Ydict gunang; Y:Holm:Fogty excrement; Y:Watsn gunung; M:Sc koming excrement; AT:Curr:Prior toroo excrement; AT:Curr:LandsWh goonang; AT:Curr:JO'Conn goonungg; Ng:Curr:Bray koonung; GC:Nerang:Curr:Fowlr goonnong; Y:Hanln goodna, goonong, goondong faeces, excrement ; Ng:Curr:TwD:Bray koonung faeces
Lower Richmond: Bj:TmcD:Morgn gunang shit; Bj:Holm-Turnbl gunang excrement; Wi:Curr:Lism kunnung; Wi:Curr:Richmd koonung; Ny:Curr:Ballina cunnang excrement;
South West: Wa:Crowl; excrement;
Condamine Upper Clarence: Gd:Sc:JThomas UClarnce goonum(Thomas listed goonu-um as anus, prob. assumed final consonant the same as for that word) ;

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