English: Mt Ladybrook (where the two stone dogs are)
Bundjalung: gundulbunbi, gundulbunbi(-be)
Part of Speech: place name
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Category: location
Comment: This is Culham's description: "where the two stone dogs are - one faces that way, one this way, talk to the dogs in the lingo if want big rain" - apparent reference to the myth of the dogs. Mt Ladybrook may be a property in the Mt Widgee area (Mt Widgee is visible from Coolangatta airport), as this is where other sources say the two stone dogs are; final syllable /bi/ or /be/.
Gold Coast Tweed: Ydict kundulbunbi, kundulbunbi(-be); Y:Sha:Culhm gundulbunbi(-be)

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