English: good
Bundjalung: banyahr
Part of Speech: adjective
Related Words:
With same English translation:   balabir (?)   banyahr-gali   banyahrgan   banyahr, banyar   bawgal   bugal   bugal-bugalehn   bugalma-   bugalwan-   bugalwen-   jahm-djang   jang   jaruhr (jarudj, darudj?)   nangahny   wahnggali   yuru   yuwahn  
Comment: With -ma 'make good' (M:Liv); also 'very' when attached to another adjective (Ng:Curr:Bray); listed as 'strong' (Ng:Sc:Cudgn); cf also banyahr, banyar.
Gold Coast Tweed: M:Liv bunyarra good; M:Sc:Brunswk pennara good; Ng:Curr:Bray punyara, pun-ya pun-ya-ra good; Ng:Sc:Cudgn bunyarah strong, bunyarah murung old
Lower Richmond: Ny:Curr:Ballina bungarr good;

Bundjalung : Banyarma yaruhbil. (from )

English: 'Make a good song.'


Bundjalung : Wahlu jah, banyarandah. (from )

English: 'You eat, (you) will be alright.'

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