English: fall, disappear, go away, drop
Bundjalung: ban-, ban.ga-, bi- (Holm), ban-, bangga-, barwa-, banggi- (M:Liv)
Part of Speech: verb intransitive
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Comment: Irreg., past behn (Holmer), bin- in Wa; if imper. ends in /a/ (bungga) it means 'kick, stamp, leave a mark' as a footprint (Livingstone); bana-, ban.ga- irreg (Ng); Y:Alln ban.gehni past, ban.gehn past indef, ban.gehla pres/fut.
Gold Coast Tweed: M:Liv bungge; bunggeloro; bunggen; Ng:Curr:TwD:Bray bungen he's dead ; Y:Sha:Culhm fall ban.ga; Y:Holm:Logn bana, ban.ga fall beh- fall; Y:Allen v pr bunngen, p bunngeni, pf bunngian, f bunngeila drop (as burst); Y:Watsn b
Lower Richmond: Bj:Holm bana-, bana, banbi; banga-, prog. bangala; Bj:Holm:Fergn bi, bin;
Condamine Upper Clarence: Gd:Geyt ;

Bundjalung : banbi balundah (from Bj:Hol)

English: 'to fall into the river'


Bundjalung : (Wanah) banah! (from Bj:Hol)

English: '(Don't) fall!'


Bundjalung : Guwang ban.gahla. (from Bj:Hol)

English: 'Rain is falling.'


Bundjalung : Mala jahdjam behn jalingu. (from Bj:Hol)

English: 'That child fell from the tree.


Bundjalung : Yindji banggiluru mibiny garahlbu wayrabu? (from )

English: 'Where have all the blacks been this long time?'


Bundjalung : Nyangga banggehn. (from )

English: 'The sun has set.'


Bundjalung : ban.gihn-mani (from G)

English: 'dropped it'


Bundjalung : Jali behn. (from G)

English: 'The tree fell.'

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