English: bad, badly, sour, harmful, no good, cheeky, badness, rubbish
Bundjalung: jang
Part of Speech: adjective
Related Words:
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Category: senses
Comment: bad, wicked Gd; dirty, sore, rotten, naughty, aching, in a bad mood, bored with, guilty, rough, secret, painful Wa; takes gender suffixes m -gali, f -ahgan, arb -ah Calley; bad (adj.) and badly (adv.) compared the same way: jang, jalng-gali, jang-bunggil Y:Allen; jung in Y:Watsn; Holmer says djak or djag (voiceless form prevailing) often used for 'cheeky person'.
Gold Coast Tweed: Y:Sha:Culhm bad , sour; Y:Holm jangi bad , no good (Logn , Fogty); Y:Allen thung bad , badly; Y:Watsn dhung bad , badly; M:Liv bunyarra juv very bad; AT:Curr:LandsWh chang; AT:Curr:JOConn tchung; Ne:Curr:Fowl , Tw:Curr:Bray chung; Tw:Sc:Bray chung bad; Mur:Sc:Martn chung bad; Y:Hanlon tchoong bad , jarm jung very bad; M:Liv jung, Ng:Curr:TwD:Bray chung bad
Lower Richmond: Bj:Sha:Turnbl djang; Bj:TMcD:Gomes jang bad; Bj:Holm:Fergn djang, djang bani, djag, djak; Wi:Curr:Lism chang bad; Wi:Curr:Richmd thung; Ny:Curr:Ballina yell-yell, thung bad ;
South West: Wa:Crowl; We:Gordn; Cas:Smy djagng, djang ;
Condamine Upper Clarence: Gd:Geyt no good, wicked ; Gd:Sc:JThomas UClarnce chung bad; Gd:Calley djang bad, no good ; Gn:Mathew tung bad ;

Bundjalung : Jang munah mugar gadji gehrbilehn guwang. (from Wa:Crow)

English: 'The storm was bad here and there was a lot of rain.'


Bundjalung : Guybah male jang. (from Ca)

English: 'Burn that rubbish.'


Bundjalung : jang wangal (from Y:Holm:Log)

English: 'bad (child)'


Bundjalung : Jangan.gehn gidjung (from Y:Holm:JFogt)

English: 'The old man is no good.'


Bundjalung : mibiny jang (from Y:Holm:Fogt)

English: 'bad man'


Bundjalung : jang ganngalehla. (from Y:Sha:Culh)

English: '(She) is sad.'


Bundjalung : jang malih/maleh (from Y:Sha:Culh)

English: 'slowly'

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