English: that there
Bundjalung: mali/male, mamali, male, etc.
Part of Speech: demonstrative
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Comment: 'That (visible), there (indicating a position not far off)' (Y:Watsn); predicate form mali, mamali, male, mamale ; acc. malanyi, Y:Holm contrasts gali 'this, here', gahmu 'those, gila (kili) 'this' or 'here', 'that' or 'there', malagu 'there, thither'.
Gold Coast Tweed: Y:Sha:Culhm mali/male; Y:Holm mali this , here , this is, here is, etc.; Y:Holm:Logn malagu; Y:Allen mulli there (not very far off) , mamulli there (close); Y:Watsn m

Bundjalung : malanyi bayganyi (from M:Li)

English: 'that man (acc.)'


Bundjalung : malahyu (from M:Li)

English: 'he-erg.'


Bundjalung : gilagu malagu (from Y:Holm:Log)

English: 'here and there'


Bundjalung : Male minyang? (from Y:Sha:Culh)

English: 'What's that?'

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