English: there
Bundjalung: may, mamay
Part of Speech: demonstrative
Related Words:
With same English translation:   babar   bagar   bagardjahng   bahmadja   gagah   gah   gahganah (?)   gahngun   gahnye, gahnyi   gahnyula   gahri   gahri, gahli   gahye   gah, gahgu   gangga   gigilahgu   gihmbal   gilagiwa-   gilahgu   gilama-   gilega(h)   gili   gimbal   gumbanygir   gundeh   gundeh, gugundeh   gundeh, gugundeh   guwiyan   madji   madjima-   madjiwen-   madjungun   mah   malagu   malahyama-   malama-   mala, mamala, male (Wi), mali, mamali, male etc. (M)   mali/male, mamali, male, etc.   mangga   may   mayah   maye   mayu   miyah   waba-   wulun  
Lower Richmond: Bj:Holm:Fergn mai there; Bj:Holm mamai there

Bundjalung : Mamay yehn.galah. (from B)

English: '(He is) staying or living there.'

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