English: palm tree ('midjim'), midjin cane, bangalow (Tw:Sc:Bray), walking stick palm (Ngr:Gresty), fruit of the midgeon palm
Bundjalung: midjin
Part of Speech: noun
Related Words:
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Category: plant
Comment: In Bray's day 'a great number of the midgeon palms are cut and sent to Sydney and made into walking sticks'; nyaminbah (place of) small 'midjim' palm. See nyamin, nyumin, and also midjin.gam. It appears e has been misread as c in forms midgcon, etc., and m as w in GC:Talleb:police, cf. GC:Talleb:Sc form under midjin.gam.
Gold Coast Tweed: Tw:Sc:Bray midgeen a stick, a bangalow; Ngr:Gresty midjin walking stick palm; GC:Talleb:Sc midgcon midgcon cane; Y:Hanln Numminbah , should be N'yumminbah ; Ng:Sc:11/1899:Bray mudgeon , but he calls them in English Midgeon palms , prob u is a mistranscription

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