English: storm, thunder
Bundjalung: mugar
Part of Speech: noun
Related Words:
With same English translation:   mihngbal  
Category: natural_environment
Comment: cf migar, migubal, jugal.
Gold Coast Tweed: Y:Sha:Culhm mugara storm; Y:Holm mugar (mugara) storm; Y:Allen mugerra; Y:Watsn mugerra; Mur:Sc:AndFrench moograh thunder; AT:Curr:Prior migobal; AT:Curr:LandsWh moogarra; Mur:Sc:Hargrv moogera storm and thunder; Cudgn:Sc:Evans magerah thunder; GC:Nerang:Curr:Fowlr moogerer; Tw:Curr:Bray muggera; Y:Beaudst:police moogra; GC:Coomera:polic e mugerra; Y:Hanln moogra storm; Ng:Sc:Cudgn3/1903 magerah thunder; Ng:Curr:TwPtD:Bray muggera thunder , ' Ng:Sc:Mur moogera storm and thunder
Lower Richmond: Bj:Sha mughar thunderstorm; Bj:Holm:Fergn mugar storm , thunder; Wi:Curr:Richmnd mogara (o macron); Wi:Curr:Lismore mukkera; Bj:Sc:Coraki muggurra thunder; Ny:Curr:Ballina mograa; Ny:Sc:Ballina3/1903 chingun moogra storm;
South West: Wa:Crowl; Wa/Gd:Calley mu:gara; We:Gordn thunder
Condamine Upper Clarence: Gd:Geyt;
Copmanhurst: Cop:JMathew moograh thunder ;

Bundjalung : Jang munah mugar gadji. (from W)

English: 'The storm was bad here (but has now cleared).'

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