English: dog (tame)
Bundjalung: ngagam
Part of Speech: noun
Related Words:
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Category: animal
Comment: Y:Hanln = "white man's dog, the domesticated mongrel, cf. ngura(n) 'dog, wild dog'", ngagamdjin 'dogs', ngagamdjindu 'dogs (erg.)' (Y:Holm), ngagambur 'little dog' (dog-diminutive) Gd.
Gold Coast Tweed: M:Liv nogu?m, nogum, nogumbo (erg.), -me acc., -rna gen., -gai dat, -bano abl; Ng:Curr:TwPtD:Bray noggun tame dog; Ng:Sc:Tweed nogam a tame dog ; Y:Sha:Culhm ngagam; Y:Holm ngagamdjindu (pl. erg.); Y:Sha:Wzl ngura; Y:Watsn ngu'r
Lower Richmond: Bj:Holm:Turnbl ngagam; Wi:Curr:Lismore augham tame dog; Ny:Curr:Ballina aggum tame dog;
South West: Wa:Crowl; Wa/Gd:Calley nga:gam dog ;
Condamine Upper Clarence: Gd:Geyt; Gd:Sc:JThomas UClarnce nargund m , newri f native dog; Ga:Sha:Turnbl ngagam; Ga:Smy ngagam ;

Bundjalung : Minyangbu gidjuhma ngagam? (from M:Li)

English: 'How many dogs has the old man?'


Bundjalung : Yili ngagam-nguhrgan baygal? (from M:Li)

English: 'Where is the dog's master/where is the man with a dog?'


Bundjalung : Ngagamjihndu gawagawani. (from Y:Hol)

English: 'The dogs broke (the net).'


Bundjalung : ngagama bawur (from Y:Holm:Log)

English: 'dog's head'

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