English: we (intransitive subject)
Bundjalung: ngali
Part of Speech: pronoun
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Comment: ngalingah 'our, ours', ngaliwahlu 'we and you'; see grammar.
Gold Coast Tweed: Y:Sha:Culhm; Y:Holm; Y:Allen ngulli , ngullingi acc. , ngullina gen. ours , ngullinba to us , ngullingo for us , ngullinbaia with , ngullinbano from; Y:Watsn nga'lfn we; M:Liv ngully ; Ng:Sc:TweedR:Bray nallee we , we(two) , us , us(two) ); Ng:Sc:TweedR:Bray ulling-ar our; Ng:Sc:Mur:Martn ullewarlo we(two) , ulleewarlo we , ullee us(two) , our(two; Ng:Sc:Mur:Martn ullynar us
Lower Richmond: Bj:Holm:Fergn ngati , ngati ba; Bj:Sha:Turnbl ngati;
South West: all ; Cas:Smy ngali

Bundjalung : Ngali jaliwah. (from Y:Sha:Culh)

English: 'Let's eat!'

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