English: similar to, like, approximately (of position)
Bundjalung: nginyehr
Part of Speech: adverb
Related Words:
With same English translation:  
Comment: cf ngehr (mild weakening), gimbay (stronger weakening), nginyehr between these two; another meaning 'like, similar to' (Gd), listed as 'blue' in Y:Watsn; possibly the -u(h) ending in Y:Watsn 'like' is ergative case suffix.
Gold Coast Tweed: Y:Allen ninyeire adv. like , ninyeiri blue; Y:Watsn nyin'yero like adv. , niny'er
Condamine Upper Clarence: Gd:Geyt ;

Bundjalung : Ngumbinydje nyahni bargan gale nginyehr. (from G)

English: 'Did you see a boomerang like this one in the house?'


Bundjalung : Malahni gale nginyehre mah. (from G)

English: 'Put that on one like this one.'


Bundjalung : Gaybe baygal yagambeh nyule nginyehr. (from G)

English: 'The other man is not like him.'


Bundjalung : Bargan nginyehru nabani nyuleni. (from G)

English: 'A boomerang-shaped object killed him.'


Bundjalung : Juwan nginyehrgi nyula bugayah gabunu. (from G)

English: 'He wants a spearlike thing to poke through the hole.'

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