English: Iron Bark, Large Iron Bark, Black Iron Bark
Bundjalung: bigar(gah), bigara
Part of Speech: noun
Related Words:
With same English translation:  
Category: plant
Comment: Y:Allen lists as narrow-leafed ironbark; Watson gives botanical name; name for Loder's Creek, Southport (Hanlon, Meston); cf janehn; plural bigarbah Southpt:Sc. Genyan form biyar long-leafed ironbark.
Gold Coast Tweed: Y:Sha:Culhm bigar; Y:Allen biggera narrow leafed ironbark; Y:Watsn big'era black ironbark tree (E. siderophloia); Y:Beaudst:Sc judnen Ironbark tree; Mur:Hargrv bigara iron-bark tree; Ng:Gresty piggera ironbark; M:Cudgn:Sc biggerah iron bark tree; GC:Meston biggeragah ironbark, Biggeragah Loder's Creek; GC:Coomera:Sc, GC:Coomera:police bigara large ironbark; GC:Nerang:Sc, GC:Nerang:police pigurra ironbark tree; GC:Southpt:Sc picker-bah ironbark trees; Y:Hanln locnm Biggera; GC:Talleb:Sc pe

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