English: sleep, asleep, sleeping
Bundjalung: ngurahm
Part of Speech: noun, adjective
Related Words: yuna- 'lie down'; sleep ngurahm + -an  
With same English translation:  
Category: body_part
Comment: Holmer records murahm; all other dialects and sources suggest ngurahm; ngurahmbil 'sleepy' (M); see also yuna- 'lie down'; sleep ngurahm + -an.ga (Y:Allen, Y:Watsn); yuna- ngurahm Wa, ngurahm yina- Gd 'to sleep'.
Gold Coast Tweed: Y:Sha:Culhm yina-, ngurahm; Y:Holm nguram sleepy, sleeping, asleep (Curry, QLong), cf muram; Y:Allen nguram sleep n., v. pr nguram, p nguranen, pf nguranian, f nguranengala; Y:Watsn v. ngur'am, ngur'amen, ngur'amian, ngur'amengala; M:Liv woram, woram; Mur:Sc:HerbPenne nooram sleep; Tw:Curr:Bray woram, also seems to have unera, una-ran-gee: nubbe unera Well! go to sleep, kooba nio una-ran-gee by-and-by I'll sleep; Ngr:Gresty woorahm sleep; AT:Curr:Prior moram sleep; AT:Curr:LandsWh woorwa
Lower Richmond: Bj:Sha:Turnbl ngura:m; Bj:LWilsn ngurahm asleep; Bj:Cowln ngurahm sleep; Bj:Holm:Fergnmuram sleep , be asleep Wi:Curr:Lismore newram (?) sleep; Wi:Curr:Richmond wouram sleep; Ny:Curr:Ballina woo ram;
South West: Wa:Crowl sleep; Cas:Smy ngura:m ; Wa/Gd:Calley yur:am sleep;
Condamine Upper Clarence: Gd:Geyt sleep ;

Bundjalung : Mahny jahdjam yunahla ngurahm. (from W)

English: 'The children are sleeping.'


Bundjalung : Wahndjarehn mala ngurahmba. (from W)

English: 'He rolled over in his sleep.'


Bundjalung : Ngurahm nguy nyan.gan yunahla. (from Ca)

English: 'She is lying asleep.'


Bundjalung : Jahdjam murahm. (from Bj:Hol)

English: 'The children are asleep.'

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