English: what
Bundjalung: nyah-
Part of Speech: interrogative
Related Words:
With same English translation:   binyang   jigini-   jigini-   jiginyehr   jih   jingani-   jinggi-   minggil   minyahgu   minyang   minyanggu, minyanggay   ngambahr   nyahgi   nyahlu   nyang   nyanga-, nyangga-   nyangba-   nyangbu   nyanggi   nyanggur (nyanggul)   nyangili-   nyangi-, nyanga-   nyanguwihn   nyang, nya-, nyah-   nyidjang   wule   yila (Bj), yile (Ny), yili (M)   yile, yili, yila   yili   yindjah  
Comment: From nyang, see nyang.

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