English: what, something, eh?, can also introduce a question
Bundjalung: nyang, nya-, nyah-
Part of Speech: interrogative
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Comment: Can also introduce a question. /ng/ lost in compounds nyahgu 'what for', nyahlu 'what-erg.', etc. (examples below). Gn:JMathew gives nangami - he usually notices /ny/.
South West: Wa:Crowl; Wu:Calley jagun;
Condamine Upper Clarence: Gd:Geyt; Gn:JMathew nangami what

Bundjalung : Nyang blaganmir gilahya giwani? (from W)

English: 'Did you go there?'


Bundjalung : Ngali guriyabu wahngmalehn guhl nyang. (from W)

English: 'We used to work for gold a long time ago, didn't we?'


Bundjalung : Nyang nguhn wehn wahlu? (from G)

English: 'Are you hot?'


Bundjalung : Nyang nyule gangngalehni? (from G)

English: 'Is he the one who was shouting?'


Bundjalung : nyah-le (from G)

English: 'at what?'


Bundjalung : nyah-lu (from G)

English: 'with what?'


Bundjalung : nyang-bu (from G)

English: 'what's-its-name' (of person or thing the name of which eludes the memory)

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