English: they
Bundjalung: nyulamang
Part of Speech: pronoun
Related Words:
With same English translation:   bulahbu   gah   gahm, gahmu, gagahm, gagahmu   gahnyu, gahny   janabang   janabi, janabeh   mahnyu, mahny, mamahny, mamahnyu   mihr   nginggalama (?)   nyulamanggan   yulamang  
Comment: Smythe specifies it as masculine, but elsewhere it has no gender reference; Smythe lists nyulamanggan as 'they' (feminine); Gd often uses the metathesised form nyulangam.
Gold Coast Tweed: Y:Holm they
Lower Richmond: Bj:TMcD nyulamang they ;
South West: Cas:Smy njulamang they (masc.);

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