English: deaf, unhearing
Bundjalung: wangal, wangam
Part of Speech: adjective
Related Words:
With same English translation:   ganngah-djam  
Category: senses
Comment: Y:Holm 'bad' (of boys and children who do not want to come home when called), = gumu, q.v., 'bad boy, cheeky child' (Y:Holm:Logn, QLong, Thmpsn), GC:Coomera:police, GC:Coomera:Sc possibly wangal, ganngahdjam, also wangwang, cf. also wanggum-gang, wanggum, possibly wangam should be wanggum (ngg and final vowel u supported by Y:Hanln's spelling), NgLSc list gives a form which implies wanggam.
Gold Coast Tweed: Y:Sha:Culhm , Y:Kombum:CWilliams wangal; Y:Holm; Y:Alln wongul or kungajumm; Y:Watsn wun'gul unhearing , as in delirium; NG:Gresty pinnung wongum dead (ear mad), wongum mad; GC:Coomera:police & GC:Coomera:Sc wangam deaf ; Ng:Sc:11/1189:Bray wong-gam stupid

Bundjalung : Wangal mali jahdjam. (from Y:Kombum:CWilliam)

English: 'That kid is deaf.' (i.e. disobedient)

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