English: be, become (Gd)
Bundjalung: werwa-
Part of Speech: verb intransitive
Related Words:
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Comment: Form wan-/wara-, see -wan; irregular, suffixed to adjectives, occasionally to nouns, e.g. manal(u)wen- 'to ripen', wuhlil(u)wen- 'be satisfied', jang(w)en- 'go'; can reduce to n.ga after /l/ or /r/.
South West: Wa:Crow

Bundjalung : bugaln.gahla (from Wa:Crow)

English: 'getting better'


Bundjalung : ngabarn.gahla (from W)

English: 'getting faster'


Bundjalung : guygahrwen.gahla, guygahnrun.gahla (from W)

English: 'be hollow' (progressive) (from guygahr 'hole')


Bundjalung : ngulahrwen, ngularun (from W)

English: 'be in flood' (incompletive)

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