English: sick, ill
Bundjalung: yalyal, yilyal, yelyel, yaljal
Part of Speech: adjective
Related Words:
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Category: body_part
Comment: yadal (Y:Holm) probably misheard; M:Liv has yilyal, yilyalma- 'to cause to be sick'; Hanlon also has danbiyan, Ng:Sc:Mur spelling suggests jeldjel, and Mur:Sc:Hargrv suggests initial fricative (spelling zell zelng) unless this is a misreading of handwriting, M:Sc:Brunswk listed as 'bad', probably 'sick, feeling bad'.
Gold Coast Tweed: Y:Sha:Culhm yalyal; Y:Holm:Logn yadal; Y:Allen yuljul; Y:Watsn yul'dhul; M:Liv yilyul , yilyul- gari , yilyul-gar-gun (j), yilyul-gari (n); yilyulman will make sick; M:Sc yel yel bad , yel yel chinong big toe; Mur:Sc:Hargrv zell zell sick; Y:Hanln tunbyun , yelyel ; M:Sc:Brunswk yel yel bad ; Ng:Sc:Mur zell zell sick
Lower Richmond: Ny:Curr:Ballina yell-yell, thung bad ; Bj:Holm jal jal Fergn, jal jal win Turnbl, jal jalan ga

Bundjalung : Malahyu nganyi yilyalmahny. (from M:Li)

English: 'He will make me sick.'


Bundjalung : yalyal jinang (from M:S)

English: 'big toe (?)'

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