English: sing, chant
Bundjalung: yarbi-
Part of Speech: verb transitive
Related Words:
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Category: language
Comment: yarbil 'song' (Wa, Gd, Bray), cf also yalbi-; yarbi- can be reduplicated yarbi-yarbi-; yarbindi- 'to sing with a baby in one arm'; takes ergative subject, object (which can only be a song) is usually omitted, but the object can also be something sung about; yarbilah listed as 'marriage' (Ng:Sc:Cudgn), yarbil 'song' listed (Ng:Curr:TwPtD:Bray).
Gold Coast Tweed: M:Liv yerrube, yerrubilloro; Ng:Curr:TwPtD:Bray yerrabil song; Ng:Sc:Cudgn yarraballah marriage
Lower Richmond: Bj:Holm:Turnbl-Turnbl yarbi-, yarbili, yarbili
South West: Wa:Crowl; We:Gordn yarbilehla singing; Cas:Smy jerb-i, jerbini, j
Condamine Upper Clarence: Gd:Geyt;

Bundjalung : Maliyu dandaygambu yarbini. (from W)

English: 'The old man sang (a song).'


Bundjalung : Mala baygal yarbilehla yaburginy. (from W)

English: 'The man is singing alone.'


Bundjalung : Mala baygal yarbi-yarbilehla yaburginy. (from W)

English: 'The man sometimes sings when he's on his own.'


Bundjalung : Ngay yagam yarbilehla. (from W)

English: 'I can't sing.'


Bundjalung : Maliyu dandaygambu yarbidjahn yarbil. (from W)

English: 'The old man used to sing songs.'

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