English: where?, somewhere
Bundjalung: yindji, windji
Part of Speech: interrogative locative
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Category: location
Comment: An answer when the speaker does not know what the questioner wants to know (Sharpe's conclusion from other examples).
Gold Coast Tweed: M:Liv inji , winji; inji-go where to, inji-gal where from; Ng:Sc:11/1899:Bray ingee I do not know; Ng:Curr:TwPtD:Bray winge-go

Bundjalung : Yindjigu wiya? (from Ng:Curr:Bra)

English: 'Where are you going to?'


Bundjalung : Yindjigal wiya? (from Ng:Curr:Bra)

English: 'Where are you coming from?'

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