English: south, south people, Birihn tribe/group (Holmer)
Bundjalung: birihn (berin?)
Part of Speech: locative
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Category: location
Comment: cf. gugin 'the north, the north people'. Richmond River Aborigines call the Clarence River berrin and the Tweed kokin; Tweed R. people call the Richmond berrin and the Logan kokin birinbah 'to the south'; Turnbull almost certainly has given wrong meanings; L Wilson can use Biri(h)n Banydjalang for the Coraki dialect, contrasting with Widjebal Banydjalang, the Lismore group.
Gold Coast Tweed: M:Liv berrin, berrinba to the south
Lower Richmond: Bj:Sha:Turnbl biri:nj a few, two or three. biri:n Turnbl. biri:nbu Fergn together; Bj:Holm:Fergn,Turnbl biri:n Biri:n tribe/group;

Bundjalung : janangmahm dubajihn birihn (from Bj:Holm:Turnb)

English: 'boys and girls together'

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