These pages will help you use this site and the tools provided

The site has several sections that are designed to help with language learning

1. The Dictionary

The Dictionary is an online version of Margaret Sharpe's dictionary, showing the five Bundjalung dialects, and many written examples using the words in context. 

The main page of the dictionary shows the word and translation. If a sound file exists for that word it can be heard by hovering the mouse over the 'Listen' link.

The rest of the information on the word can be viewed by clicking on the 'More' link.

2. The sound files

If you are a teacher or editor you can upload sound files to the site on he Uploads page. At present these should be the recording of a single word or phrase, and the name of the file should be the Bundjalung words (with any spaces replaced with '_') and a '.wav' or '.mp3' ending.

This will help the software link the sound to the Bundjalung words (note spaces cause problems when searching on the computer).

3. The images

These can be used in the worksheets (see under Resources menu) and used with the word display in the dictionary.

If you are a teacher or an editor you can upload images on the Uploads page. Use the English name of a word to have the page displayed with it, and a '.jpg' or '.png' ending

You will also be asked to classify images under various categories, this helps when making worksheets.

4. The worksheets

These are exercise pages written by teachers and when written, any relevant sound or image file is linked to the page. When writing or reading a worksheet there are two popup windows to help you:

a. Word or phrase search

b. Wordlist

The teacher will also see

c. Image tables - these are accordian tables showing the images available under categories. You can drag and drop them into a worksheet as you are editing these.


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