Terry Crowley23a

Collected by Terry Crowley
Tape 3223A
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Time aligned Transcription:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<!DOCTYPE Trans SYSTEM "trans-13.dtd">
<Trans scribe="admin" audio_filename="01 crowley 3223A" version="1" version_date="130308">
<Speaker id="spk1" name="Terry Crowley" check="no" dialect="native" accent="" scope="local"/>
<Speaker id="spk2" name="Ethel Walker" check="no" dialect="native" accent="" scope="local"/>
<Section type="report" startTime="0" endTime="3842.7734375">
<Turn startTime="0" endTime="8.685">
<Sync time="0"/>
Archive tape 3223 side 1 of field tape 2/3 recorded by Terry Crowley
<Turn speaker="spk1" startTime="8.685" endTime="12.431">
<Sync time="8.685"/>
?how do you say
<Turn speaker="spk2" startTime="12.431" endTime="3842.7734375">
<Sync time="12.431"/>


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