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Sound of letters in Bundjalung

u sounds like u in put or oo in good.

Jugi-jugi (pronounced chooky chooky – you can guess it was borrowed from English) a chook, a hen

jali (jall-ee) tree         waybar fire    (why-barr or web-barr)

Jugi-jugi jaliyah ?       Jugi-jugi waybarah!

Is the chook in the tree? The chook is in the fire!

Guybahla mala !

They are roasting it!

More sounds

(Bundjalung bandjalahm )


Bahbany jalum -nguhrgan.

Granny has fish

Baygal budjarbiny-nguhrgan. The man has flowers.





nangany (nungany) vegetable food


Nyah nganyi! Look at me!


Gundur jaliyah ! The rat in the tree!

gundur hair of head 

Dandaygam gandulah nyulangaha.

The old man in his boat.



Wagahn jaliyah .

The crow in the tree.


Yagay! Waringihn jinanggah nganyah!

Yah! There’s a caterpillar on my foot!




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