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The site was set up by Muurrbay in 2014-5 to share the Bundjalung-Yugambeh dictionary with funding from the Australian Government’s Indigenous Languages Support program . The project is still in development.

Jinggiwahla, Bugalbeh and Jinggeri
Language background
Map2 The Yugambeh-Bundjalung area
Map3 Approximate dialect areas within Yugambeh-Bundjalung
Map4 Crowley’s suggested grouping of the dialects (Crowley 1978:163)
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Outline of resources

Various people, including researchers, have been writing down information about the Bandjalung language since the late 1800s. A few Bundjalung dialects have been recorded in some detail, while for others there are limited records, or no record at all. A large collection of audio recordings of Bundjalung speakers, and researchers’ field notes are held at the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies in Canberra.


Outline of the language
Songs Songs recorded in Bundjalung and Githabul by Margaret Gummow

Sound of letters in Bundjalung

Traditional country
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Muurrbay plans to conduct workshops around Bundjalung-Yugambeh country to help people use this online dictionary. It is a work in progress so your feedback is important to us. Please read the instructions by following the "more" button below.

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